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FEARnet: Trick 'r Treat... Countdown to Halloween!

Knock, Knock...
Who's there?...
Trick 'r Treat
Wait, it's not Halloween yet?
I know... we celebrate all month long!
Kid, where is your head?
The VOD Debut of ‘TRICK ‘R TREAT’ Coincides with the Linear Channel’s Fourth Annual 24-Hour ‘TRICK ‘R TREAT’ Marathon on Halloween
(SANTA MONICA – OCTOBER 3, 2013) – For the first time, FEARnet is making Mike Dougherty’s acclaimed genre anthology, TRICK ‘R TREAT, available to its growing community of viewers on Video On Demand (VOD). From Friday, October 25, to Thursday, October 31—the same day as the network’s 24-hour TRICK ‘R TREAT marathon on its linear network—VOD subscribers will be able to take part in the holiday festivities, as the film’s pint-sized trickster, Sam, wreaks Halloween havoc.

“We’re pleased to be able to bring TRICK ‘R TREAT to our VOD subscribers for the first time,” said Sarah Shannon, Vice President, Programming & Network Operations, FEARnet. “The Network has a large VOD following, so it’s important for our VOD content to mirror our linear content as much as possible, to give all of our viewers an opportunity to enjoy the content we have to offer each month.” 

The cult classic stars Anna Paquin and Brian Cox in an anthology setting, featuring four interlocking stories about people celebrating, or shunning, the infamous holiday, and the bloody consequences they face for their actions. TRICK ‘R TREAT is the perfect complement to the Halloween season, and FEARnet is the only place you can watch it.

Also in October, FEARnet has launched the “FEARtober: 31 Days of Treats”—an online advent calendar detailing the multitude of offerings fans can enjoy as they count down to Halloween. Throughout the month, fans will be able to head to for Halloween polls, free themed movies, and downloadable content featuring TALES FROM THE CRYPT and TRICK ‘R TREAT-themed pumpkin carving stencils, as well as Halloween cards and paper dolls depicting TRICK ‘R TREAT’s mascot, Sam. 

Additionally, the 24-hour TRICK ‘R TREAT marathon will come packed with interstitial content created and produced exclusively for the network by Mike Dougherty. These special features include “Season’s Greetings,” the original short film that spawned TRICK ‘R TREAT, starring TRICK ‘R TREAT’s beloved Sam; Fathers’ Day, Easter and back-to-school shorts, also starring Sam; and vignettes explaining the four key rules of Halloween: Always wear a costume, always pass out treats, never blow out your Jack O’Lantern before midnight, and always check your candy.
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And you can find out where this kid's head went?

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