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October 7th: Day 3... CRYSTAL LAKE MEMORIES: HISTORY OF FRIDAY THE 13TH and Countdown to Halloween

Longest title ever I think here, but there is so much to mention... let us start off with "Day 3" 13 Days of Chills, where you read it, learn something interesting, leave a comment and get entered in a weekly giveaway. I know some of you are saying that is just too easy, you are wrong it's that easy. You will see the link and more above so, please do check it out, it's really a great score experience.

I got this the other day and like everything I watch, listen and try to enjoy... in this case it was "Awesome" and I am speaking of "CRYSTAL LAKE MEMORIES: COMPLETE HISTORY OF FRIDAY THE 13TH". This is the behind the scenes look, history and interviews from many of the actors from all of the "Friday the 13th" films. Also there is a great look into the television show that held the same name, but only in name as it took a different direction from the mask wearing killer known as Jason Voorhees.

It's a very long extensive 4 (2-Blu and 2-DVD) set that is a breakdown from film to film, some is a compilation of previous versions of "the making of", which is the most comprehensive version you will ever need. It is well mapped out and hosted by everyone's favorite "Corey Feldman" who if you remember was in one of the films. If you were also lucky enough to order early you were able to receive a 5th disc which had extended interviews and materials. So you get a great learning journey here, my wife and I found ourselves enjoying it... the one thing I wished they had is a list of all the actors whereabouts. Don't get me wrong there were a great deal of actors here all from their parts to now, it's possible it is on the bonus disc... I have not finished the whole thing. I did mention it was a long set, didn't I? If you like this kind of stuff, may I recommend "". 

And to continue the theme of Friday the 13th as part of the "Countdown to Halloween" more Jason and friends.

Jeremy [HWR:OLM]


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