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Interview with Actress... Hayley Derryberry

You all know I will support those who work very hard in the field that they may be working in and here is another talented woman and I would say main star of the film "Rabid Love". I wanted to thank her for her time and wish the best in any direction that is taken.
Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]

Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]: As your character "Heather Ross" in "Rabid Love"... is there one trait you played and felt you connected from your real life?
Hayley Derryberry: A lot of Heather is just me. One characteristic she had that I didn’t though, is that she was a track star. Preparing for that was a lot of fun. I did tons of running in the months leading up and even leaned how to jump hurdles.

Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]: Working on the film "Rabid Love" what was one of the best and worst moments you remember during the making of "Rabid Love"?
Hayley Derryberry: The best thing was every night after wrap, how everyone would get together and hang out. All of our cast and crew were just amazing people! The worst thing? This question does not compute.

Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]: Do you feel that many independent films in the horror genre are missing the point on how to get their audience?    
Hayley Derryberry: No, I think the horror audience is a strong one and will always support. I do think some modern horror is lacking the appeal of the classics, but I guess that’s a part of growth and change. I just don’t like that part very much.

Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]: If you could go "Rabid" for one thing, what would it be... and why?
Hayley Derryberry: I’m not sure if you mean something I really love or something I really hate. Pardon my cheesy but I guess I would go “Rabid” for love! I really love my husband and my family so if anyone tried to mess with them, I would go on a rabid rampage.

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