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Our Sixth Year...

This site has had many names over the years, but it's been a great three years as "Howlin' Wolf: OLM"... that being said "Happy 6 Years" of providing you all with the latest "Films, Interviews, Conventions and Music... lots and lots of music! We have a lot more to come and going to try to get back the fun stuff, not just stuffy. Big news coming soon, from the label "Howlin' Wolf Records" and I am to be a judge for this "IMAGINE_audiomachine" as I find out more I will let you know. For now I would like you to please click on over to see all the great ideas there.

Thank you all who have been here the whole time, may you always find something interesting here... if not then I have not done my job right!
Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Congratulations on six years!

Maurice Mitchell said...

Congrats Jeremy! I can't wait for year 12.