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"Rabid Love" Companion Book (A Behind the Scenes Look)

Okay, I know I am going on and on about this film "Rabid Love"... I really just appreciate the effort put into a project like this. Honestly they could just churned out a bunch of senseless violence and made for a suffering script, they went the distance. Now I am not just talking about the film here, but this "Companion Book", giving a look behind the scenes and a level of enjoyment making this. I think they offer up another professional side to not just a film, but to themselves wanting you all to have a complete experience. Here are their words on it:

A behind-the-scenes movie companion book that features exclusive pictures from set, details of all production design, and stories from the cast and crew that detail every aspect of RL from the initial short film idea to the completed feature- all in a 1984 yearbook style format! Signed version autographed by Lance L. Ziesch, Paul J. Porter, and Hayley Derryberry! 

These photos are from my edition, you all know I am pretty cheap... that I would try to scam out a free copy of their book [Paid In Full]. Ask them, they will tell you... now I might try to scam out a "XXL" shirt cause you know I am having a "T-SHIRTS OF SUMMER" over at the "BEING RETRO" site.
Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]

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