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La-La Land Records: THE IN-LAWS [SCORE] - John Morris

La-La Land Records and Warner Bros. present the world premiere release of John Morris’ (BLAZING SADDLES, YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, CLUE) original motion picture score to the 1979 classic comedy THE IN-LAWS, starring Peter Falk, Alan Arkin and Richard Libertini, and directed by Arthur Hiller. Acclaimed composer John Morris finds the perfect pitch with his rousing and delightful orchestral score -- supporting story, character and action with verve, while expertly enhancing, but never stepping on, all the big laughs. 
The daughter of mild-mannered Manhattan dentist Sheldon "Shelly" Kornpett (Alan Arkin) and the son of businessman Vince Ricardo (Peter Falk) are engaged to be married. At an introductory dinner in which Shelly meets his new in-law Vince, he finds Vince suspicious; during the dinner, Vince tells a crazy story of a nine-month "consulting" trip to 1954 Guatemala ("the jungle" or "the bush", as Vince calls it). Vince's son and wife seem oblivious. Shelly pleads with his daughter not to marry into the Ricardo clan, since he mistrusts Vince. However, Shelly agrees to give Vince a chance.
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