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Milan Records: The Sacrament - Tyler Bates

The Sacrament is a 2013 American found footage horror thriller film directed by Ti West. The movie had its world premiere on September 3, 2013 at the Venice Film Festival and will have a wide theatrical release on May 1, 2014. The movie's plot takes several elements from real life events such as the Jonestown Massacre of 1978.
From acclaimed writer/director Ti West (THE INNKEEPERS, THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL) and master of horror Eli Roth (THE LAST EXORCISM, HOSTEL, CABIN FEVER), THE SACRAMENT follows two Vice Media correspondents as they set out to document their friend’s journey to find his missing sister. They travel outside of the United States to an undisclosed location where they are welcomed into the world of “Eden Parish,” a self-sustained rural utopia, comprised of nearly two hundred members. At the center of this small, religious, socialist community is a mysterious leader known only as “Father.” As their friend reunites with his sister, it becomes apparent to the newcomers that this paradise may not be as it seems. What started as just another documentary shoot soon becomes a race to escape with their lives.

MILAN RECORDS: The soundtrack album combines pieces of dialogue, with soundscapes by Graham Reznick and an ominous and pulsating score by Tyler Bates (300, The Way, Watchmen). It captures the mood of the film and let’s one relive, in the comfort of his home, this journey into madness and messianic bloodshed.

Tyler Bates is known for his "300" styled scores, but he has done a handful of scores to films that allows him to find his dark place. This is his dark place and we welcome it, great for your own low lights... experience.
Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]

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