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Sumthing Else Music Works: CABIN FEVER: PATIENT ZERO - Kevin Riepl

Kevin Riepl's original score to horror/thriller film prequel available digitally on July 22

New York (July 18, 2014) - Sumthing Else Music Works presents the original motion picture soundtrack for CABIN FEVER: PATIENT ZERO, the next installment to the cult hit CABIN FEVER releasing in US theaters on August 1, 2014. Featuring an original music score by award-winning film and video game composer Kevin Riepl (Contracted, Silent Night, Gears of War), the CABIN FEVER: PATIENT ZERO Original Motion Picture Soundtrack will be available for digital download on iTunes, and all digital music sites on July 22, 2014.

CABIN FEVER: PATIENT ZERO was written by Jake Wade Wall (The Hitcher), directed by Kaare Andrews (Altitude and The ABCs of Death) and stars Sean Astin (The Lord of the Rings Trilogy), Currie Graham (Pompeii, NYPD Blue), Ryan Donowho (Soldiers of Fortune), Mitch Ryan (One Tree Hill) and Jillian Murray (Bad Ass).

CABIN FEVER: PATIENT ZERO tells the story of a group of friends enjoying a bachelor weekend on a yacht in the Caribbean. As they run ashore to explore a remote island, they stumble upon an abandoned research facility, where a massacre from a deadly virus is unleashed. They must find a way to survive before the flesh eating disease consumes them all. Their answer - an uninfected survivor: "Patient Zero."

"For Cabin Fever Patient Zero, I wanted the music to have a blend of atmospheric electronics, rhythmic orchestral work and a host of very dry, very gritty organic instruments," explains Kevin Riepl. "These instruments, which are not played in any traditional manner, created the tension throughout the film. There's a lot of scraping, hitting, dynamic bowing, and on top of that are the dissonant plucking notes, performed on the banjolele and violin."

Kevin Riepl is an award-winning composer writing for multiple entertainment genres. His engaging and atmospheric scores have enhanced over twenty films, as well as blockbuster video games and TV. Riepl's upcoming projects include the action/thriller feature film The Night Crew starring Luke Goss, Bokeem Woodbine and Danny Trejo.

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