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Lakeshore Records to Release RED Original Short Film Soundtrack Available Digitally Exclusively on Bandcamp April 7th And Through All Major Digital Providers April 14, 2017... Original Music by Composer Tom Schutzinger

For her directorial debut into the medium of the moving image, Del Kathryn Barton gives audiences the short film, RED, starring Cate Blanchett, Alex Russell, Arella Plater, and the Sydney Dance Company's Charmene Yap. In a Q&A at the Art Gallery of South Australia, Barton said the essential narrative in RED “illuminates the unusual mating rituals of the Australian Red Back spider. Here, our brave little male after copulating with the monumental female gently somersaults into her mouth, offering himself as a meal post-coital. If she is not hungry she will store his bound, dying body on her web for later consumption.” Barton further explained, “This brutal chronicle spoke to me of the poetics of female power as an inherent and indeed, elemental force in the universe. By intercutting human protagonists with extraordinary macro footage, RED has evolved into what I now consider to be an uncompromising celebration of female power.”

Tom Schutzinger has worked in the film industry for over 13 years and has been a touring musician for more than two decades, Tom founded the band Decoder Ring. Tom's films include SOMERSAULT, JEWBOY, YOLK, LUCKY COUNTRY, CAUGHT INSIDE and THE PACK. Recent Collaborations have been with visual artists Murray Fredericks, Joshua Yeldham, Mika Utzon Popov and Del Kathryn Barton. Tom’s work has been nominated and awarded. He’s won the 2004 AFI (Best original music score), IF (Best music), Australian Screen Sound Guild (Soundtrack of the year), Screen Music Awards (Best Original Song) and in 2005; Jackson Hole Film Festival (Best Score), Screen Music Awards (Feature film score of the year).
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