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Sailor of the King (1953)   
When Admiral Seville was still just Lt. Seville, he had a brief affair with Canadian beauty Lucinda and, unbeknownst to him, fathered a son. Now, 20 years later, that boy (nicknamed ‘Canada’) serves in his father’s command, neither one knowing the truth about their relationship. While tracking a German raider, Seville’s ship is torpedoed and while some escape in lifeboats, Canada is taken prisoner. Damaged in the exchange as well, the German ship pulls into a well-hidden cove to affect some repairs. Canada takes the opportunity to escape, and after arming himself, he flees into the hills to conduct a guerilla war, hoping to slow the enemy’s progress down long enough for reinforcements and rescuers to arrive. (Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation)

Sea Wife (1957)      
The year is 1942 during the days of Japan's Pacific campaign of WWII. The British are evacuating Singapore when a ship is torpedoed and only four people survive. They are a nun, an RAF officer, a hate-filled business tycoon, and a black purser. The four drift for days before they find a small desert island. Before they reach the shore, a shark attacks and devours the purser. The other three safely land and struggle to survive. Under these circumstances, the RAF officer finds himself falling in love with the nun. Separated after their rescue, the officer searches her out to tell her what he couldn't when they were stranded. (Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation)

Murder, Inc. (1960) 
Based on the shocking, true story of a criminal gang who terrorized Brooklyn for years, and featuring a stellar performance by Peter Falk in an Oscar®-nominated early role, Murder, Inc. delivers a terrifying tale of corruption in a vast criminal underworld that has overrun civil society. (Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation)

Move Over, Darling (1963)
Doris Day, James Garner and Polly Bergen star in this madcap romantic comedy about one groom, two wives, and one crazy, mixed-up honeymoon! Five years after his wife Ellen (Day) is lost at sea and presumed dead, Nick (Garner) is finally ready to get remarried. But he’s headed for anything but wedded bliss when Ellen turns up alive – and ready to give first love a second chance – with Nick! (Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation)

Back Door to Hell (1964)
Director Monty Hellman’s tense war drama will grip you from beginning to end. Days before a planned U.S. attack on the Philippines, three American soldiers – Craig (Jimmie Rodgers), an officer with conflicted feelings about war, Burnett (Jack Nicholson), the radio operator, and Jersey (John Hackett), the capable fellow-in-arms, go ashore to do reconnaissance on the Japanese forces. But not only does the enemy learn of their presence, their radio is also destroyed, putting all U.S. troops gathered in the Philippines in danger. Depending on each other as well as a group of Filipino resistance fighters, the three struggle against formidable odds to complete their mission. (Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation)

Convict Stage (1965)
When outlaws savagely murder his sister, a cowboy swears vengeance. However, before he can take the law into his own hands, an old lawman corrals the gang himself and brings the outlaws to justice properly. (Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation)
Jeremy [Six Strings]

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