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Olive Films: "Walerian Borowczyk – Short Films Collection" [1959-1984]

Olive Films: "Walerian Borowczyk – Short Films Collection" [1959-1984] - Featuring fifteen of Walerian Borowczyk’s (Theatre of Mr. & Mrs. Kabal) short films and animated treasures, the Short Films Collection includes:

The Concert (1962) aka Le Concert de M. et Mme. Kabal
The Astronauts (1959) aka Les Astronautes
Angels’ Games (1964) aka Les Jeux des Anges
Renaissance (1963)
Joachim’s Dictionary (1965) aka Le Dictionnaire de Joachim
The Greatest Love of All Time (1978) aka L’Amour Monstre de tous les temps
Diptyque (1967)

Grandma’s Encyclopedia (1963) aka L’encyclopedie de Grand-Maman
Venus on the Half-Shell (1975) aka Escargot de Venus
Gavotte (1967) [ABOVE IMAGE]
The Phonograph (1969) aka Le Phonograph
Rosalie (1966)
Scherzo Infernal (1984)
A Private Collection [Long Version, Censored] aka Une Collection Particulière – Version Longue Censored (1973)
A Private Collection [Short Version] aka Une Collection Particulière – Short Version (1973)
Jeremy [Six Strings]

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