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MovieScore Media: "Crazyhead" by Stuart Hancock

MovieScore Media returns to the small-screen with an electrifying Stuart Hancock score balancing between a teen comedy and a horror film. Crazyhead is created by BAFTA-winning Howard Overman whose previous big hit Misfits detailed the lives of teenagers blessed (or cursed) with superpowers. The six episodes of Crazyhead chronicle another unorthodox coming-of-age story as our two heroines, Amy (Cara Theobold) and Raquel (Susan Wokoma) navigate their way through the choppy waters of their early twenties whilst simultaneously kicking the ass of some seriously gnarly demons. Originally shown on Channel 4 in October 2016, Crazyhead is now available worldwide on Netflix.

"As a composer, scoring Crazyhead was a new stylistic departure for me." explains Stuart Hancock about his 80s inspired, retro cult sound for the show.. "I had previously worked with the team at Urban Myth Films to create the soundtrack for Atlantis, which had an epic orchestral sound, whereas Crazyhead called for a grungy, more electronic sound world with a nod to the classic retro horror scores of the likes of John Carpenter. It was a whole lot of fun to explore this style, and to contrast subtle emotional underscoring with a bold, eyeballs-out brutality for the action and horror."

Composer Stuart Hancock is a returning guest to MovieScore Media. His previous credits with the label include Chee Keong Cheung’s action films Underground (2007) and Bodyguard: A New Beginning (2008), the football documentary One Night in Turin (2010) which memorably featured “Nessun Dorma” for its key moments and Hawk (2011), a film that spans an epic, choral score despite its 40-minute length. The composer’s most recent release with the label is The Desert Treasure, a documentary on the natural treasures of Qatar as well as The Last Belle, an animated short about a first date gone off the rails.
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