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Olive Films: Money from Home [FIRST TIME ON BLU-RAY!]

In debt to New York bookie Jumbo Schneider (Sheldon Leonard, It’s a Wonderful Life), low-rent gambler Honey Talk Nelson (Dean Martin, Bells Are Ringing) finds himself on the losing end of a proposition: fix a horse race or sleep with the fishes.

Enter Virgil Yokum (Jerry Lewis, The Geisha Boy), an apprentice veterinarian and Honey Talk’s cousin. Fixing the horse race may not be as difficult as originally imagined. But love will throw a wrench into the works when Honey Talk meets Phyliis Leigh (Marjie Millar, About Mrs. Leslie) the beautiful owner of the horse to be fixed.

It’s laughs, love and music in the glorious Technicolor comedy, Money from Home.

Money from Home, directed by George Marshall (Houdini)from a screenplay by Hal Kanter (adapted by James Allardice and Kanter from a story by Damon Runyun) features supporting performances by Richard Haydn (The Sound of Music) as a tipsy English jockey, Pat Crowley (Hollywood or Bust) as a veterinarian with eyes for Virgil, and Gerald Mohr (Gilda) as Phyllis’s jealous suitor.
Jeremy [Six Strings]

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