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MovieScore Media "Fremde Tochter" by Dürbeck and Dohmen

Reuniting with composers Dürbeck & Dohmen (Freier Fall, The Last Mentsch), the latest release of MovieScore Media is Fremde Tochter, a picture which once again chronicles the duo’s journey into a German subculture. Co-written and directed by Stephan Lacant, the film reflects upon the issues raised by the Muslim minority in Germany and Austria through the story of 17-year-old Lena. Living together with her mother Hannah, the girl often prioritizes her cleaning job over attending school. Once she meets an intern named Farik at her workplace, Lena sees something new - somebody who has aims, goals, a purpose. Also, he happens to be Muslim. Despite initial reservations about each other’s beliefs,,Lena and Farid start a relationship - and when she gets pregnant, Lena considers converting to her boyfriend’s faith.

As the composers explain: "With Fremde Tochter, we decided to go for a different musical approach than usual. We left our studio comfort zone for a day and set up our gear in an old factory hall. The music was composed by improvising to the projected images with our modular synths, guitar pedals and sampled instruments from our Cinematique Instruments library. At the end of the day, we had a lot of ideas, textures, atmospheres and even full compositions to take back into the studio for further development. We wanted to create music that was fragile, minimal and ethereal - and our amazing singer, Insa Rudolph contributed her magical voice to several tracks.“

The team of Joachim Dürbeck & Rene Dohmen originally started their musical career in a band, playing drums and the guitar respectively. After eight years, three albums, seven singles and 400+ gigs across Europe, the duo started their own enterprise of writing film scores using their own sample library (Cinematique Instruments) to achieve a unique sound. Since then they have been writing scores for numerous films and documentaries. MovieScore Media had previously released the music for the duo’s gay-themed police drama entitled Freier Fall (2013) and the Jewish-themed drama The Last Mentsch (2014).Dürbeck & Dohmen have recently won the German Music Author's Prize 2017 in the category of Audiovisual Media Composer.
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