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MovieScore Media: "Way to the Rebellion" by George Shaw

MovieScore Media presents the ultimate John Williams homage with George Shaw’s score for Way to the Rebellion - A Star Wars Fan Film. Produced by Wong Fu Productions, the story is set alongside the timeline of A New Hope and focuses on what events make average people follow the Rebellion instead of the Empire. By building on Star Wars lore, including the search for a crystal that could be used for creating lightsabers, Way to the Rebellion expands on the trilogy’s world - and the same can be said about George Shaw’s score that is an ode to the brilliance of John Williams.

"When the director, Wesley Chan first told me about this story, I went nuts" says composer George Shaw about the project. "And boy did we text each other right away after seeing Rogue One and finding out that it also dealt with kyber crystals. I also loved that this story runs parallel to events in A New Hope that culminate in the Death Star’s destruction of Alderaan. I even made reference to the music that happens in the film at the exact moment of Alderaan’s destruction. This was a fan film that I had always dreamed about composing, paying great attention to emulating the incredible orchestral style of John Williams, and developing some original themes of my own."

Having scored over 15 feature films, composer George Shaw still finds time to write music for shorts and viral YouTube videos - in total these have amassed over 150 million views. Some of his best known works in the genre include "Ode to Geeks" co-written with Stan Lee and the Star Wars Musical video. Besides Way to the Rebellion, the album contains cues from Shaw's others sci-fi themed shorts. These include First Asian Jedi, a Star Wars parody about an Asian American experience, the romantic comedy short Dealbreakers: She’s Never Seen Star Wars?! in which a girl pretends to know all about the franchise for his date's sake as well as Star Trek Wars which merges the styles of the two cinematic juggernauts.
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