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Milan Records: "Breathing" by Electric Youth

“Breathing” is the new album from Electric Youth unlike any other previously released by the group. Initially conceived of as a soundtrack to a film that has since been lost, “Breathing” has become a separate entity independent of its original intent. The music is filled with classic, heavenly strings and delicate piano compositions mixed with ethereal, dream-like female vocals and the signature electronic sound that have made Electric Youth famous. Milan Records will be releasing breathing on CD, digital and vinyl on September 22nd, 2017.

“Breathing” marks the latest album in Milan’s eagerly anticipated “Nicolas Winding Refn Presents” series - a line of semi-annual vinyl releases assembled under the guide of director Nicolas Winding Refn,(Drive, The Neon Demon). Electric Youth are frequent collaborators of Refn’s, with him having previously used their music on the soundtrack to Drive and his Neon Demon-inspired “The Wicked Die Young” vinyl compilation album.

In addition to CD and digital releases, “Breathing” will also be made available on vinyl. The LP is pressed on a single 180g burgundy red vinyl featuring a selection of tracks cultivated by Electric Youth. The disc will be housed in a striking gatefold jacket featuring extensive liner notes from both Electric Youth and Anthony Scott Burns, the director of the original film “Breathing” was intended to accompany.
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