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MovieScore Media: "The Lion Woman" and "Bobbi Jene" by Uno Helmersson

Coinciding with the film’s release in Germany on September 14, 2017, MovieScore Media presents another sublime score from Scandinavian cinema. Written and directed by Vibeke Idsøe based on the 2006 novel by Norwegian author Erik Fosnes Hansen, The Lion Woman tells the tale of Eva Arctander, a girl who suffers from a rare genetic disorder which makes hairs grow over large parts of her body. Born in 1912 while her mother dies during childbirth, Eva’s father initially tries to hide his daughter, but Eva cannot be held back from achieving her dreams. Despite humiliating examinations and bullying, Eva still falls in love, experiences respect and disrespect and discovers company by joining in a theater group featuring other folk who also suffer from rare diseases. The film follows Eva through ages 7, 14 and 22 in a most unusual coming-of stage story.

Composer Uno Helmersson explores the uplifting story of Eva with an emotionally evocative, thematically rich score exploring all three stages in the girls development in accepting herself. As the composer puts it: “The Lion Woman is a story about being different, trying to make your way through life. It is also a story about the complex relationship between a father and daughter - guilt, pride, judgement and love. The music in general comments both the inner as the outer world of Eva and her voyage. It also emphasize the relationship between Eva and her father Gustav. With its slightly melancholic, driving, beautiful and magic world - it takes you on Eve´s journey through life.”

Besides Lion Woman, MovieScore Media also releases a digital EP for the documentary Bobbi Jene. Directed by Elvira Lind, the film tells the story of dancer Bobbi Jene Smith. By portraying the dilemmas and inevitable consequences of ambition, the picture deals with a woman's fight for independence, a woman trying to succeed in the extremely competitive world of dance. As Uno explains: “The film is just vibrating and trembling, and magic - all about being driven by your call, wherever it may take you or what it takes to get there. It gets under your skin. This was my premise when I dug into the making of the music.” Bobbi Jene gets its limited theatrical release in the US on Friday, Sep 22 by Oscilloscope Pictures.

Uno Helmersson was born in the village of Botsmark in Sweden in 1977. He graduated from the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm in 2006 and has since then worked as composer in the international film and television industry. His credits include contributions to the score of the highly acclaimed television series The Bridge and Armadillo, a multiple award-winning documentary about the war in Afghanistan. More recently his work was featured in the Department Q films The Keeper of Lost Causes and The Absent One - these collaborations with Johan Söderqvist and Patrik Andén have been released by MovieScore Media. His latest release, also issued by the label was is the sport documentary Magnus (2016), detailing the rise of Norwegian chess grandmaster Magnus Carlsen.

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