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Lunatic Soul streams "Walking On A Flashlight Beam"

Lunatic Soul fans have a chance to hear and stream its brand new album "Walking On A Flashlight Beam" in full before the music is released in North America on the 28th of October through Kscope (Ian Anderson, Anathema, Engineers, Steven Wilson).

Lunatic Soul is the solo project of Riverside leadsinger/bassist Mariusz (pronounced "Mary-us") Duda. (Based in Poland, Riverside tours internationally. Riverside is a big deal in the North American prog scene, having played major prog festivals here: Nearfest, Baja Prog and ROSfest. Riverside is already scheduled to play the September 2015 Prog Power Fest in Atlanta, GA.)

"Walking On A Flashlight Beam" is the fourth Lunatic Soul album and does not use guitars at all. Mariusz uses bass, drums, ukulele and ethnic instruments including flute and congas.  A lot of work also done with the recording studio as an instrument.

Listen to Lunatic Soul's "Walking on a Flashlight Beam" streaming at:

Lunatic Soul's creative force Mariusz Duda says the album is about, "Loneliness," "The theme was inspired by the life of some artists who escape reality and choose seclusion in order to create. It's probably my most mature album to date, it's also the most diverse and at the same time the most coherent.

'Walking on a Flashlight Beam' is due for release on 13th October (UK, France & RoW) / 17th October Germany / 28th October USA & Canada, through Kscope (Anathema, Engineers, Steven Wilson) and Mystic Production in Poland.

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