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Wild Eye Releasing: Play Hooky Coming to DVD October 21st

You'll Never Skip School Again... New York, NY -- Wild Eye Releasing, a longtime sponsor of the PollyGrind Film Festival, has announced the upcoming October 21 DVD and VOD release of Frank S. Petrilli's Play Hooky.  A hit among critics and audiences, the film took home the Most Innovative Film award at the PollyGrind Film Festival and is the first film to be released on Wild Eye's PollyGrind Presents label.  Wicked Channel called Play Hooky "the best found footage film of 2014". 

Five high school friends skip class in hopes of finding the perfect spot to party. They chose the wrong place. Against all warnings, they break into an abandoned mental hospital, notorious for reports of ghost sightings, satanic rituals and demon possessions. Now, armed only with a camera, they are trapped inside, haunted and hunted by something they cannot stop, reason with, or describe. The camera captures every last breath in the fight for their lives. 

The DVD release of Play Hooky will exclusively feature hours of bonus features: a feature length commentary with the director, cast and crew, an introduction by PollyGrind's Chad Clinton Freeman, two short films, bonus scenes, trailers, and an alternate ending.

Yet another, stay in school or this could happen! Fingers pointed at you!
Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]

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