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MovieScore Media: Automata [2014] - Zacarías M. de La Riva

MovieScore Media releases Zacarías M. de da Riva’s soundtrack for Automata, the new sci-fi thriller starring Antonio Banderas, recently hailed by reviewers as “a strikingly slick and intriguing sci-fi thriller” (Screen Daily), “freaking magnificent” (Ain’t It Cool News), “surreal science fiction at its best” (Twitch), “smart sci-fi done on a large canvas” (Joblo) and considered a film which is “going to be looked at as a classic of the genre” ( MovieScore Media’s release of the score album co-incides with the US theatrical release of the film (courtesy of Millennium Films) on October 10.

Antonio Banderas plays the role of Jacq Vaucan, a disillusioned insurance agent of ROC robotics corporation whose job involves the investigation of manipulated robots. Although it seems like another routine case at first, Vaucan soon realizes that his latest mission will have more profound effects on the future of humanity… Directed and co-written by Spanish filmmaker Gabe Ibáñez (Hierro), the dystopian film also features the talents of Dylan McDermott, Melanie Griffith and Javier Bardem in a cameo appearance as a voice of a robot. 

The score for Automata was written by Zacarías M. de la Riva, one of the most versatile talents of the Spanish film music scene. A former student of telecommunication who then enrolled to the Berklee College of Music to study film music, de la Riva has already proven himself to be talented in every genre he’s come across. Previous de la Riva scores issued by MovieScore Media include the prior Gabe Ibáñez collaboration Hierro (2009), the cinema-themed murder mystery Imago Mortis (2009), and the Indiana Jones-inspired animated adventure Tad, The Lost Explorer (2011).

Though it is set in the future overrun with robots, Automata features a rich, orchestral score with a haunting choir lending an epic quality to the story.  As the composer explains: ”The movie moves constantly between two different worlds. The world of the sci-fi thriller and the world of the philosophical and metaphysical. The first one deals with Jacq Vaucan’s investigation of malfunctioning robots, the second one deals with the essence of the being and his reality, human or robotic. Music had to resolute this dichotomy, make the coexistence of this two different worlds possible.”

The score features the The Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra and the Swedish choir Johannebergs Vokalensemble which was contracted for the film by MovieScore Media’s Mikael Carlsson. 

Just Announced! What I have heard I am enjoying... composer "Zacarías M. de La Riva" brings it in tight for this fantasy film from a beautiful sweep of music to gorgeous choir. It could be one of the top five scores of this year, that is something worth telling you about!
Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]

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