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THE HOUSE ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE TRACKS combines the popular 'Found Footage' genre with the 'TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE' genre of horror.  Our heroes/victims are three punks who plan on robbing a house in town and film the entire thing for kicks.  Unfortunately for them they chose the worst possible house to perform their crime.

Two of the punks are brothers.  Nathan (Played by Alec Drake) is the oldest.  The younger brother is Ray (Eric Sopko) who is also the guy filming their not very nice deeds.  Liz (Amanda Baker) is the girlfriend of Nathan.  Nathan is an extremely sadistic character taking obvious pleasure verbally abusing Liz.  He leads his girlfriend and brother along for the ride with his overbearing dynamic but sick personality.  Ray and Liz are not necessarily bad people. They just seem to be powerless to deny the frightful and eccentric older brother.  If Nathan was a nice guy then these characters would probably be getting jobs and bettering themselves instead of milling about and planning bad things to do to people.  Nathan is a very compelling and important character.  He is unique in this genre portraying someone who comes across as a very young and unsophisticated Joker.  He is definitely not your typical teenager in distress type.  He is a 'wild card' which makes you want to see how he handles the horrors of what awaits him in the house on the wrong side of the tracks. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE...


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