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Lakeshore Records: TRACKS [2014] - Garth Stevenson

Lakeshore Records will release the TRACKS – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack album digitally on September 30th, and on CD October 28, 2014.  The album features original score by Garth Stevenson (RED KNOT, YOUNG LAKOTA).

TRACKS tells the incredible true story of Robyn Davidson, a young woman who in 1977 undertook a perilous solo trek across 1,700 miles of stunning Australian outback. Abandoning City life, Robyn arrives in Alice Springs and declares her ambition to cross the desert to the Indian Ocean to the amusement of the locals. However after months of camping out and working on a camel farm people begin to take her seriously. A chance meeting with National Geographic photographer Rick Smolan provides her with the necessary financing for her expedition under the condition that he be allowed to photograph parts of her journey for the magazine. With only her dog and four unpredictable camels for company, she embarks on an inspiring and life-changing journey of self-discovery.

“John liked my experimental approach to recording the double bass and wanted to know how I would apply this to other instruments,” explained Stevenson.  “After our initial talk I spent the night searching for new sounds in the studio and at 2AM found myself lying under the piano bowing the strings with twine covered in bass rosin. This sound can be heard near the end of the opening scene.”

The Weinstein Company and Screen Australia present TRACKS in limited release September 19, 2014.  The TRACKS – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack album will be available digitally on September 30th, and on CD October 28, 2014.

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