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Howlin’ Wolf Records: I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE III: VENGEANCE IS MINE - Edwin Wendler

Howlin’ Wolf Records will release the I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE III: VENGEANCE IS MINE on CD December 11, 2015. The album features the original music created by composer Edwin Wendler!

In order to connect movie watchers to the central character, Wendler made sure that the main theme appeared in key moments of the story. “Jennifer needed a theme that sounded mournful, but also noble and somewhat twisted, all at the same time. Her intentions are very understandable, almost virtuous, so the melody needed to reflect that through a certain amount of beauty and lyricism, yet I asked vocalist Aeralie Brighton to sing as though she was pissed off.  I hope we achieved the right balance.” Wendler went on to say, “I started with the main title, establishing some of the sounds and textures, as well as Aeralie Brighton's vocals, brittle and almost imperceptible in the beginning.  A quick taste of things to come.” 

I got to say, it's been a great year for all types of music and scores... here we have good friend EDWIN WENDLER bringing it strong to this score. The title itself screams violence, brutal and disturbing so you had better belief the score needs to reflect all those aspects. Composer WENDLER does just that, so please stay tuned for more...

In the meantime, Howlin' Wolf Records also have some other great releases that you will find to your liking.
Jeremy [The Wolf]

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