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Lakeshore Records: DON VERDEAN [215]

Lakeshore Records will release the DON VERDEAN – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack digitally on December 11th and on CD in 2016. The album features the original songs composed by Heavy Young Heathens (PUNK’D, YOGA HOSERS), the film’s Leslie Bibb singing “Pillar of Salt”, with original score by Ilan Eshkeri (SHAUN THE SHEEP, STILL ALICE).  DON VERDEAN will be released by Lionsgate Premiere in theaters and On Demand December 11th.

“The idea was to write and record an album original songs inspired by the film, something we were very excited to do as we are long time fans of Jared Hess’ movies,” said Robert Mardo of Heavy Young Heathers.  “Producer Brandt Andersen came by our studio not knowing what to expect.  The first thing he noticed was our copy of [writer/director] Jared Hess’ film Nacho Libre on top of a short stack of movies we play in our studio on repeat at all times. He must have liked that because he gave us his blessing and we started working on songs immediately.”

Heavy Young Heathens are film, film trailer and television composers, consisting of brothers Aron and Robert Mardo. They are known for their work composing and performing music for trailer’s for The Amazing Spiderman, Horns, Need For Speed, Ant-Man and The Man From U.N.C.L.E. among others. Their television projects include Punk’d, Buckwild, The Simpsons, Slednecks, Are You the One? and most recently, films such as Yoga Hosers and Masterminds.

Hired by an ambitious small-town pastor to find sacred relics in the Holy Land, a self-proclaimed Biblical archaeologist comes up short and his attempt to cover up his failure fuels a comic conspiracy from the filmmaking team behind Napoleon Dynamite and Nacho Libre. DON VERDEAN stars Sam Rockwell, Amy Ryan, Jemaine Clement, Leslie Bibb, with Will Forte, and Danny McBride. Lionsgate Premiere presents a Buffalo Film Company production, a Film by Jared Hess.

“Jared pays close attention to the music that makes specific visuals standout in his films,” said Aron Mardo.  “We all spent the day hanging out together at our studio, and after discovering a mutual admiration for most of the important things in term of tone, style and stories, he gave us his thoughts and direction and we got to work and hope this soundtrack does everything he wanted to achieve and more.”

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01. Don Verdean Intro "Video" Theme - Reggie Douchet
02. Dance Of The Crooked Snake – Heavy Young Heathens
03. Pillar Of Salt - Leslie Bibb
04. Promised Land - Ilan Eshkeri
05. The Light Within - Heavy Young Heathens
06. Body Rhythm - Heavy Young Heathens
07. Crazy Life - Heavy Young Heathens
08. Goliath Skull - Heavy Young Heathens
09. Seeking The Grail - Ilan Eshkeri
10. Sunset in Your Eyes - Heavy Young Heathens
11. Ezeh Gever - Heavy Young Heathens
12. Hearts Like Ours - Heavy Young Heathens
13. O Sanctus Gradale - Ilan Eshkeri
14. Old Time Religion - Heavy Young Heathens

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