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Lakeshore Records will release A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack digitally on December 11, 2015. The album features the film’s original score by Alex Khaskin (COLD COMES THE NIGHT, REPLICANT).  The much buzzed about Christmas-themed horror film has been receiving praise from both critics and fans alike.

“The idea was to stay with the traditional warm Christmas sound to counterpart that the film is actually a horror,” stated Khaskin. “A well-known Ukrainian carol was transformed into a big orchestral score because the mood slowly developed into a massive danger score.” Originally, the directors wanted Khaskin to go radical by creating a heavy metal or dubstep style score, but to make it truly unique, while staying true to himself, Khaskin made it orchestral. However, each character helped shape the style of the overall theme. “There were several themes, actually, since movie has four different stories and each story had its own style of scoring.”

Alex Khaskin is a film and television composer that started out as a pianist, orchestrator, and arranger at Russia's Lenconcert state organization and a music director for stage, television, and recordings -- arranging and conducting for various Russian stars. Inspired to seek a career in film music, he attended master classes by the famous Russian film and classical composer Andrei Petrov. From 1985 until his immigration to Canada in 1993, Alex scored 14 theatrical and television films and documentaries working for CBS, CBC, CTV, Nelvana, Lions Gate Films, Artisan, Alliance/Atlantis, CCI Entertainment, Muse Entertainment, CINAR, Dufferin Gate, Decode Entertainment, Regent Entertainment, Legacy Film Works, Barna-Alper Productions and many more.

As addition to writing music for film, Alex has been active as a composer of contemporary classical music. Between 1980 and 1993, he composed a symphony, a violin concerto, 2 cello concertos, concertos for piano, a triple concerto for violin, viola and cello, a string quartet, and much other chamber music, as well as choral and vocal works.

A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY is an interconnected hair-raising tale of Yuletide terror, with interweaving stories are directed by Steven Hoban, Grant Harvey and Brett Sullivan written by Doug Taylor, Sarah Larsen, James Kee and Pascal Trottier. Christmas: A time of Joy, Peace and Goodwill…unless you live in Bailey Downs. For some folks in this small town Christmas Eve isn’t about getting together with loved ones and exchanging presents – it’s a desperate fight for survival and it’s A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY.

Entertainment One Presents A Copperheart Entertainment Production, A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY, available in theatres, video on demand and iTunes stores now. Lakeshore Records will release A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack digitally on December 11, 2015.
Think there has been some great releases in the month of December, here is another fun and maybe the last of the "Merry Monsters"
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