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MERRY MONSTERS: KRAMPUS [2015] - Douglas Pipes

When creating the score, Pipes wanted to remain true to the spirit of Christmas. “We used melodies of Christmas carols, sometimes just fragments, sometimes altered, as well as traditional Christmas instruments throughout,” said Pipes. He knew it was going into dark fantasy-horror territory, but to make the score unique Pipes created a theme for KRAMPUS that could work as a simple folk melody and a grand fantasy tale, while evoking a sense that it could be some lost European Christmas melody. “The greatest challenge for the score was moving through Christmas themes and comedy, into a dark fantasy tale, punctuated by aggressive horror music, without losing the thread of any of these styles – all the while keeping the Christmas spirit present.”

Douglas Pipes is a film composer based in Los Angeles, whose feature films include the Academy Award®-nominated Sony animated feature MONSTER HOUSE and Warner Bros/Legendary Films cult hit TRICK 'R TREAT. Awards include “Compositor Revelacion” at the 3rd International Film Music Conference in Ubeda, Spain, and “Best Animation” at the Royal Television Society in the United Kingdom.  Nominations include “Discovery of the Year” at the 2006 World Soundtrack Awards in Ghent, Belgium, “Best Music” at the 2007 Saturn Awards, and “Best Horror Score” and “Best New Composer” from the International International Film Music Critics Association (2006 and 2009).

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