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Lakeshore Records: BANG BANG BABY!

BANG BANG BABY! Currently Available on All Major VOD Platforms, Is A Musical Science Fiction Film – An Homage To Classic Horror and SciFi Films of the 1950s/60s.  The BANG BANG BABY! Soundtrack Will Be Available Digitally on December 11 and on CD in early 2016 

BANG BANG BABY stars Jane Levy (Evil Dead, Suburgatory) in a defining turn as Stepphy, a small town girl who’s caught between her big dreams of stardom and her controlling father, played by Peter Stormare (Fargo, 22 Jump Street).  Justin Chatwin (Shameless, War of the Worlds) plays rock star Bobby Shore who promises to make all of Stepphy’s dreams come true, and David Reale (Suits, One Week) plays creepy chemical factory manager Fabian.

01. Crazy - Jane Levy
02. Bang Bang Baby - Dave Wall / Jane Levy / Ali Lipson / Rich Pell
03. Juniper Lane- Jane Levy
04. *Another Day - Rich Pell
05. Dark Woods - Jane Levy / David Reale
06. Lonely Arms -Ben Kunder
07. **Something Amazing - Darren Fung
08. *Human Mutation - Darren Fung
09. Please Please - Jane Levy
10. Paris - Ben Kunder / Ian LeFeuvre
11. Marching Song - Ali Lipson / Ksenia Stassiouk /Dave Wall/ Rich Pell
12. Bobby Leaves - Darren Fung
13. Once Upon A Time - Jane Levy
14. *$1100 White Suit - Darren Fung
15. *Dark Woods Orchestral - Ohad Benchetrit/Justin Small/Rich Pell
16. *I Don't Want To Be Alone - Darren Fung
17. Juniper Lane Reprise - Jane Levy
18. Darling Baby Girl - Peter Stormare
*Original Score

All Songs performed by Rich Pell and The Vertigosound Orchestra except Darling Baby Girl performed by Peter Stormare, Bang Bang Choir : Dave Wall , Ali Lipson , Ksenia Stassiouk , Rich Pell 

Just announced, I have no idea what this is... but I am loving it!!
Jeremy [The Wolf]

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