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Howlin' Wolf Records Presents: THE OUTSIDERS / DEAD END - Patrick Savage and Holeg Spies

THE OUTSIDERS [2014] - Recalled from the battlefields of Afghanistan to identify the remains of his daughter, British mercenary Lex Walker arrives in Los Angeles to find that the body in the morgue belongs to a stranger. With his daughter now missing, Walker convinces a street-wise detective that his daughter is still alive and in danger. The two follow a trail of high-tech intrigue that leads them to his daughter's former boss, a crooked cyber-millionaire who will do whatever it takes to protect his empire - including taking down anyone who gets in his way. Driven by desperation and rage, Walker must fight his way through an army of thugs and hired killers to save the one person that means more to him than life itself.

DEAD END [2012] - Carl Foster takes off on a well-deserved weekend break with his family knowing only too well that focus on work has impacted his relationship with his wife, young son, and teenage step-daughter. But after a short but restful break in the journey Carl awakens to find himself tied and bound in an old roadside diner, his family trussed and gagged next to him, and a disparate group of dirty, dishevelled, vagrant-like undesirables keeping them captive. Only time will reveal who they are and what they want, but things are not everything they might seem.

Savage & Spies - Based between Los Angeles, London and Paris, the unique collaboration between classical composer and violinist Patrick Savage & electronica guru Holeg Spies is best known for the modern cult classic, THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE, and Brian A. Miller's thriller, THE OUTSIDER starring James Caan and Jason Patric.

Between them, they have also contributed their musical talents to THE LORD OF THE RINGS, HITCHER, HUGO and a string of other major films and games.

We are thrilled to announce our latest release from a team of composers "Patrick Savage and Holeg Spies" that know how bring the best out any project. It's no different for the scores to "THE OUTSIDERS / DEAD END" both available now at "HOWLIN' WOLF RECORDS", so if you want to get something cool... it's okay it's one click away!
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