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Milan Records: YOUTH (Michael Kaine, Hervey Keitel, Rachel Weiz and Paul Dano)

Youth is the new film by acclaimed Italian filmmaker Paolo Sorrentino who had directed the Academy Award Winner The Great Beauty.

Starring Michael Kaine, Hervey Keitel, Rachel Weiz and Paul Dano, Youth tells the story of a retired orchestra conductor who is on holiday with his daugther and his film director best friend in a Swiss sanatorium in the midst of the Alps. The two friends look with curiosity and tenderness on their children’s confused lives and the other hotel guests.  This beautiful and poetic film is driven by an amazing and mesmerizing soundtrack. The film features hypnotic songs by Sun Kil Moon, Mark Kozelek, classical music by NY composer David Lang and of course the “Simple Song#3” performed by Sumi Jo, the center piece of the film. Fox Searchlight is releasing Youth in the USA in NY and LA on December 4th, 2015.

Youth is wasted on the young... Milan Records |
Jeremy [The Wolf]

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