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Kronos Records: "THE ZADAR MEMENTO" music by ALFI KABILJO

Kronos Records is proud to present the soundtrack to the 1984 Joakim Marusic WWII film  ZADARSKI MEMENTO (The Zadar Memento).

The painful challenges experienced in the life of a farmer from Zadar, Croatia, in the years from World War I to World War II. At the end of World War I, a poor village boy Krsevan commits murder in self-defense and to save his life he fled to Zadar, which is annexed to Italy. As an immigrant, he has been blackmailed by Italian authorities. His poverty and ignorance are the main reason for becoming an Italian spy. This film is a true gem, it starred Lazar Ristovski, Zdravka Krstulovic, Mustafa Nadarevic and Mira Furlan.  The film is not as well known as it would deserve to be however has a cult status with those who know it.
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