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MovieScore Media: "YOLK MAN" music by PMP

Original score from the 2019 action series directed by Channing Huang and Chen Xu, starring Jessika Van, Po-Hung Lin and Lang Yu, produced by Yolk Entertainment and released by MiHeHua (China).

“To tell our story of a weak young man transforming into a strong heroic figure saving the world from alien invasion, the director and I carefully planned our score progression from one story arc to another throughout the series. What unifies the score is a four note main theme heard in the main title. This theme set up the show’s alieness tone and represents our protagonist Jim and Yolk (together as Yolk Man). Together with my composer team (David Bertok, Tan Onwimon, Jetsada Hongcharoen and Satta Rojanagatanyoo), we took this four note theme and transformed it to fit different situations and emotions that Yolk Man have to face as the story progress. 
The first third of the score focuses on the lighter sci-fi, fresh young feel and comedic tone to show Jim’s ordinary life in the university, his love interest and a first meeting with Yolk. The next arc tells the story of our protagonist being hunted by the brutal aliens, thus the music tone shifts towards suspense and horror. The last part of the series deals with a fight between good and evil and the score then turns to heroic action and concludes with touching cues to accompany an emotional end to the story.” – Pantawit Kiangsiri
The PMP moniker is the collaborative name of a team headed by Pantawit Kiangsiri and featuring the talents of David Bertok and Tan Onwimon. Kiangsiri is a composer from Thailand who has written for films, television, video games and the concert hall. After scoring over two dozen shorts, his score for The Secret of the Immortal Code (released by MovieScore Media) marked his first major genre release in theatres. His other credits include writing music for Warner Brothers, Netflix, Digital Domain, Sony and Vevo. Kiangsiri graduated from the Scoring for Motion and Television Program at USC, having studied with Bruce Broughton and Christopher Young. Pantawit’s score for the short movie Winter Olympic Dream is also available on MSM’s compilation album Short Cuts 2019.
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