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"QINGHAI: OUR NATIONAL PARK" music by Chad Cannon

An exploration of the grandeur and wonder of Qinghai National Park, home to the headwaters of China’s three great rivers: the Yellow, the Yangtze, and the Mekong.
“Director Li nudged me towards a big, open, and warm feeling, perhaps similar to the American West, where I grew up. Stylistically he was drawn to the paintings of Thomas Cole and the nature writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson. To meet these stylistic requests, we ended up with two ensembles: the large strings and brass in Prague, the sound of which typifies the grandeur of the landscape, and a small chamber group in Los Angeles, which gives color and a sense of closeness to the characters in the film, be they insects, humans, animals, birds, or flowers.I can only hope people will hear my genuine love for the wild earth in this score and that the series can contribute to a greater understanding of modern China with all its complexities.” – Chad Cannon 
Composer Chad Cannon got his film scoring background in the orchestration team of Conrad Pope on Alexandre Desplat’s Godzilla and the last two The Hobbit films. His music for Paper Lanterns was nominated for Best Original Score for a Documentary IFMCA Award while the composer was also nominated for Breakthrough Film Composer of the Year. Chad frequently works on Asian projects as he is also the founder of the Asia / America New Music Institute (AANMI), which promotes music relationships between the two continents. MSM’s previous collaborations with the composer include The Cairo Declaration (co-composed with  Ye Xiaogang) and Devil’s Tree: Rooted in Evil, released by Screamworks Records.
Jeremy [Six Strings]

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