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MovieScore Media: "NOWHERE SPECIAL" music by Andrew Simon McAllister

MovieScore Media’s latest release is Andrew Simon McAllister’s intimate, lyrical score for Nowhere Special, the critically acclaimed true story drama directed by Uberto Pasolini. The movie features James Norton as thirty-five-year-old window cleaner John, who has dedicated his life to bringing up his son, after the child's mother left them soon after giving birth. When John is given only a few months to live, he attempts to find a new, perfect family for his three-year-old son, determined to shield him from the terrible reality of the situation.

"It was very important to find the right sound and tone for the film" explains composer Andrew Simon McAllister about developing different themes for the score. "The movie itself is such a delicate and emotional story and it was important not to over score with emotional music. John is a simple character and finding the right instrumentation for him and Micheal was the key. It felt that piano and strings was too much and the guitar really resonated with them. I developed a father and a son themes that can be intertwined as their relationship develops throughout the movie culminating in the final cue "Final Journey" when John finally makes a decision on who he has chosen for give Micheal to."

Andrew Simon McAllister is an artist, composer and multi-instrumentalist whose television credits include My Left Nut, Agatha and The Truth of Murder, Searching for Shergar, Dispatches, primetime drama The Secret for ITV, starring James Nesbitt and directed by Nick Murphy, BBC Planet Earth – Planet of the Apemen and BBC WWI drama 37 Days starring Ian McDiarmid, Tim Pigott-Smith and Nicholas Farrell, for which Andrew received a Royal Television Awards nomination. Andrew won a Royal Television Society Award for his score for feature documentary Rocky Ros Muc and composed the score for ITV drama Torvill and Dean which broadcast on Christmas Day 2018.  []

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