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Wellgo USA Entertainment: "HYDRA" [BLU-RAY/DVD] and the GIVEAWAY!

"HYDRA" Directed by Kensuke Sonomura (action director from the Resident Evil games, Vendetta & Degeneration) and starring Masanori Mimoto (Enter the Fat Dragon, Death Note), HYDRA will debut exclusively on the martial arts streaming service Hi-YAH! on July 2, before hitting Digital, Blu-ray™ and DVD July 20 from Well Go USA Entertainment. “The action is fast, furious and fierce” (Film Combat Syndicate) when retired assassin Takashi (Mimoto), who leads a quiet life as a chef at a sushi bar, is recruited for one last job he can’t refuse. HYDRA co-stars newcomer Miu and Tasuku Nagase (Iwane: Sword of Serenity).

After retiring as an assassin, Takashi leads a quiet life as a chef at a sushi bar, where he secretly watches over the daughter of a former associate. His peace is short-lived: soon, he is recruited for a final job that he simply can’t refuse. Country of Origin: Japan. HYDRA has a runtime of approximately 78 minutes and is not rated.

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