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Wellgo USA Entertainment: "LITTLE Q" [BLU-RAY/DVD] and the GIVEAWAY!

Based on a true story and described as a “heart-warming” tale that “might bring a tear to your eye” (Yahoo! Singapore), the human-canine friendship story LITTLE Q debuts on Blu-ray™ August 17 from Well Go USA Entertainment. Award-winning actor Simon Yam (IP Man) stars as a recently blinded chef who forms a bond with his seeing eye dog.  LITTLE Q also stars Gigi Leung (The Monkey King 3), Him Law (The Monkey King 2), Charlie Yeung (Bangkok Dangerous), Shanshan Yuan (Lobster Cop), Angela Yeun (The White Girl), Frankie Lam (The Merger), and Roger Kwok (Kung Fu Mahjong).

Little Q, a yellow lab with a curious birthmark, is training to become a guide dog for the blind. When his training is complete, Little Q is sent to help Lee Bo Ting, a famous, recently blinded chef. Irritable and bitter, Bo Ting is at first reluctant to rely on Little Q and even tries to drive him away several times. But through his loyalty, Little Q eventually teaches Bo Ting how to trust again, opening him up to a new life of wonderful possibilities. Country of Origin: China

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