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MEAN GUNS: A good Christopher Lambert movie?

I am just going to come out and say it, folks. MEAN GUNS is a good movie. It is a simple, violent shoot'em up that happens to be a little on the unpredictable side. A crime organization known as the Syndicate has Moon (Ice-T) gather a bunch of criminals together in a newly built highly sophisticated prison and have them kill each other. Before there was BATTLE ROYALE there was MEAN GUNS. What is really interesting is that instead of there only being one person allowed to survive this game allows for three. That adds an interesting dynamic to this movie. Alliances actually have real meaning. Nowadays most of these movies only allow for one unless your movie is THE HUNGER GAMES which pusses out a little and changes the rules last second to allow two survivors. I call that cheating the audience out of good dark drama. Oh, well I am sure that happened in the book. That justifies everything I suppose.

Christoher Lambert plays that one guy who didn't have to be there but volunteered anyway just like that one psycho kid from BATTLE ROYALE who volunteered because he enjoys killing and getting stuff blown up in his face. Lambert insisted on being there. But he is a little off. He brought his daughter along and left her in the car in the prison parking lot. Hey, it was a convertible. He didn't leave her to burn to death in an oven with wheels. At first he is the cool character that kicks all kinds of ass and he has this back story about accidentally killing some kid and now wants out of this life of crime. He is here for the money so he can start a new life with his daughter. A noble reason. Oh, yea I forgot. I probably should have mentioned that the three who survived get to split 10 million dollars between them. He is the one guy you are suppose to sympathise with. But as the movie goes along you can see that he is having the time of his life blasting fellow baddies. At one point he storms into a room full of not nice people running on top of tables and shooting them John Woo style with double pistols smiling the whole time. I figure he was probably pretending that the floor was hot lava and the tables were safe. They had to die. They were standing in lava.

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