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The Pact [2012] - Ronen Landa

The Pact [2012]
Available: Now
Released By: Screamworks Records
Composer: Ronen Landa

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What makes haunted house horror flick The Pact unusual is that it does not take place in some gothic mansion – imagine the haunted place being your own home! The setting of Nicholas McCarthy’s stylish tale inspired up and coming composer Ronen Landa (Divergence) to experiment a lot: “I sampled everything from my washer/dryer to my radiator to a cadre of kitchen items in order to develop textural elements and percussion that appear throughout the score.” The result is one of the most interesting genre scores we have come across recently, written for a small chamber orchestra and soloists. Beautiful melodic writing for piano and solo violin provides an elegant and emotional contrast to the more experimental parts of the score. The stand-out cue ‘Apparitions’ offers a lot of unusual instrumental techniques and is a treat for the fan of the avant-garde. Although The Pact is one of Ronen Landa’s first major feature films, his writing is very mature. The film, starring Caity Lotz and Casper Van Dien, opens in UK cinemas on June 8 and will have a theatrical release in the USA on July 6...

In a short time Ronen Landa starts to scare you bringing you to a level of low monstrous beats filled with razor sharp notes. You will sit waiting, looking over your shoulder asking who is that behind you... it's okay you can look I won't tell. It was designed to make you jump, so jump...Ronen Landa does it well! This is a great way to tell your inspiration... Landa found sounds in his own home to use in the score. “I used my washer/dryer, radiator, wine glasses, bottles, etc. to create some of the percussion and textures,” said Landa. Nice Job!
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]


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