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Monstrous Movie Music Has A Secret... I am willing to SHARE!

Monstrous Movie Music

About Monstrous Movie Music: Our goal in this CD series is to re-record the scores from science-fiction, fantasy, and horror films of the past in a manner that's as faithful as possible to the original movie studio versions. Engineer, Hubert Geschwandtner

Rather than using standard classical microphone set-ups as if the music were written for the concert hall, we have close-miked the orchestra. This not only creates a more powerful and immediate sound consistent with the dramatic intentions of film music, but it also reveals additional instrumental detail.  Just as the visual nature of film demands close-ups, film music has similar requirements, such as when the drama dictates that a single oboe must dominate over the rest of the orchestra.


Soundtrack Releases:
-The Last Man on Earth
-The Brain from Planet Arous / Teenage Monster
-Destination Moon
-Missile to the Moon / Frankenstein's Daughter
-The McCullochs
-Rocketship X-M
-Kronos / The Cosmic Man
-Ship of Fools
-The Intruder (and other music by Herman Stein)
-This Island Earth (and other invasion films)
-Mighty Joe Young (and other Ray Harryhausen animation classics)
-Creature From The Black Lagoon And Other Jungle Pictures
-Monstrous Movie Music
-More Monstrous Movie Music


This is a great independent label of awesome score music, classic score music... I have enjoyed every note they have chosen to share. They bring you back into a world of music once forgotten, you should never forget... they respect and honor some of the great composers. I want to thank the people at Monstrous Movie Music for bringing those memories, great memories back to the world... I wish them years of success. I am proud to be able to call them friends and I will bring any new releases to your attention.

Thank you!
-Jeremy [Retro-Z]


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Anonymous said...

The music is so rich and lively!
Great stuff.
- Maurice