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Intrada: In Country - James Horner

In Country [1989-2013]
Music by: James Horner

Released By: INTRADA

Special Collection Volume 230
Date: 1989
Tracks: 17
Time = 51:31

World premiere release of emotionally rich James Horner soundtrack for Norman Jewison film about soldier's reconciliation with Vietnam war and himself, starring Bruce Willis, Emily Lloyd. Dramatic, moving tale inspires Horner to write music with great melodic depth. Haunting minor-key trumpet solo often gets deserved spotlight. Line remains one of Horner's finest. Military backdrop plus tender friendship in story also inspire ideas both reflective, dramatic. "Three Generations" (both as piano solo & piano with orchestra) is incredibly tender piece.

5/5 Powerful, epic, gentle... one of Horner's best work and another great release from Intrada!!!
-Jeremy [Retro-Z]


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Melanie said...

Oh wow! I remember when this came out!!