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WARM BODIES: A zombie movie for girls....and this guy.

WARM BODIES is the story of Romeo and Juliet with zombies and people instead the Capulets and the Montagues.  I can't think of any zombie movies where the main character was a shambling incoherent rotting corpse.  That is really cool.  Nicholas Hoult plays a zombie named R who is looking for more in his undead existence than just walking around and eating people.  Things begin to change however when he sees Julie for the first time.  Julie is not a zombie.  She is very much alive but instead of wanting to eat her R falls in love with her.  For some reason she is able to make him feel something for the first time in a long time.  R brings it on himself to protect Julie played by Teresa Palmer from his fellow undead zombies and some skeleton people.

There is a reason why WARM BODIES was previewed in front of BREAKING DAWN part 2 and that is because there really isn't a whole lot that happens in this movie.  That is not to say that WARM BODIES is a bad film.  Quite the contrary.  It is just that this is a romantic comedy, so a good portion of this film is solely focused on the relationship building between R and Julie.  That is the whole reason to watch a film like this in the first place.  And while Nicholas is a very likable zombie he is still a zombie.  The whole plot about R having a hard time trying to get this girl to like him because he is dead kind of gets old.  The film can't help but drag a bit.  WARM BODIES doesn't give you the high energy the trailer promises.  Some of that I believe is due to not using the music more effectively in the film and the writing overall could have been smarter.  Still WARM BODIES is a good film.  It just isn't a great film.  Click here to continue...


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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Make for an interesting date night movie I'm sure.