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Decca: Salinger [2013] - Lorne Balfe

Salinger [2013]
Music by: Lorne Balfe

Digitally September 3rd
Physical CD Available September 17th On Decca

SALINGER, Directed By Shane Salerno, 

Opens September 6, 2013

September 3, 2013 (New York, NY) -- Lorne Balfe, the Grammy Award-winning and BAFTA nominated film composer, heightens the intrigue and mystery of the highly anticipated film, SALINGER with his haunting score. The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack on Decca is available September 3rd at all digital partners including iTunes, followed by a physical release on September 17th. SALINGER, a Weinstein Company film directed and produced by Shane Salerno, opens in theatres on September 6th. The companion Simon & Schuster book co-authored by Salerno and David Shields, SALINGER, was released September 3rd.

Director Shane Salerno contributed a thoughtful liner note in the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack package. There he explains, “I was extremely fortunate to have Lorne serve as the composer of Salinger. He is the only person I ever wanted for the job.” He adds, “Lorne’s work has become an integral part of the film, creating emotional themes, rhythms, moods and grace notes that are as important as any scene, photograph, or story in the film. It is a score as complex as Salinger himself and required a composer with extraordinary sensitivity and range.”

Additional notes in the soundtrack are contributed by Balfe himself. The composer explains, “to have been invited to be a part of Salinger was an honor.” Writing the perfect musical backdrop for SALINGER was no easy task. Balfe explains, “Because of the array of emotions to musically compliment in Salinger – not to mention the decades Salinger’s story spanned – it was a very complicated job for a composer. The secretive nature of the film, though exciting, also made scoring the film particularly difficult. Even during scoring there were numerous scenes that I was not allowed to see.”

-Jeremy [Retro]

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