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Update: The Tall Man [2013] - Todd Bryanton, Joel Douek and Christopher Young

The Tall Man [2013]
Music by: Todd Bryanton, Joel Douek and Christopher Young

Screamworks Records/Kronos Records will release the CD edition of the Jessica Biel horror hit The Tall Man, an eclectic horror soundtrack featuring music by Todd Bryanton, Joel Douek and Christopher Young with a special guest track by music supervisor George Acogny and the haunting lullaby by director Pascal Laugier. The music had previously been released digitally by Screamworks Records, the physical edition will have the same program.

The Tall Man is a haunting abduction horror film about an American town whose residents coined the urban legend about the eponymous monster who kidnaps children. When reclusive nurse Julia Denning (Jessica Biel) witnesses the kidnapping of her own son, she must launch her own investigation to reveal the origins of the tale and the identity of "The Tall Man" who might have a secret agenda...

Release date digital: Sept 11, 2012
Release date CD: October 8, 2013

Updated Information on the score "The Tall Man".
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