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La-La Land Records: ZOMBEAVERS [2015] - Jon Kaplan and Al Kaplan

La-La Land Records |
A couple of truckers are transporting canisters of bio-hazard substance belonging to the MAMARONECK Medical Research Facility when they hit a deer on the road. The impact of the collision causes one of the canisters to fall into the river, where it floats downstream and reaches a beaver dam. At the dam, the canister starts leaking a green-colored gas.

Jon Kaplan and Al Kaplan's ZOMBEAVERS are coming to La-La Land! Digital Download available very soon, with a CD coming 4/21. Watch for more announcements and updates here -- until then, enjoy the amazing ZOMBEAVERS theme song! [THEME SONG CLICK HERE BE WARNED]

Just when you thought you were safe in the waters, backwoods water...
Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]

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