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Cinedigm: Naked and Afraid Season 1: Naked and Afraid Season: One

Twenty-one days. In the middle of nowhere. With no food, no water and no clothes. These naked strangers have no choice but to abandon inhibitions and join forces in a shocking attempt at survival in the most remote areas of the world. Rainforests, islands, and deserts will all but welcome the visitors with legions of leaches, poisonous plants, hungry predators, and some brutal weather. Along the way the survivalists will battle the elements, each other, and themselves in order to conquer the wild. Will they survive long enough to enjoy the beauty of nature untouched, or will they return as they came—naked and afraid? With a total run time of 308 minutes, this DVD Street date: April 21st, 2015. 

Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]

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kaykuala said...

Should be interesting with all the intrigues in order to survive. There would lots of conflicts and human failings to balance the goodness. Hank is here: