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KeepMoving Records: Westender - Rob Simonsen [Qty: 500]

Directed by Brock Morse, Westender focuses on the adventures of the titular knight Asbrey of Westender who had fallen from grace and became a mere shadow of his former self. In one moment of drunken stupor, Asbrey gambles and loses his ring, a trinket of great importance that represents his past and his future. When the knight wakes up the next morning, he tracks down his wrongdoer, a court jester who lost all his belongings to a gang of brigands. Despite facing an enemy that would have been fatal for him even in his glory days, Westender gains all his remaining power and courage for one last raid with the court jester in tow...

The music for Westender was the first feature-length score of composer Rob Simonsen who had come a long way since writing this Medieval ensemble score. Nowadays Simonsen may be better known for his scores like the coming-of-age romance Management (2008), the real-life inspired murder mystery All Good Things (2010) and his musical contributions to such Mychael Danna projects as Surf's Up (2007), Moneyball (2011) or the Oscar-winning Life of Pi (2012). Apart from writing the music, Simonsen appears in the film as Glim, the court jester who wronged Asbrey.

The CD comes with an 12-page booklet with commentary by Gergely Hubai featuring a rich selection of quotes from Brock Morse and Rob Simonsen.
Epic and full of just sound and score!
Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]

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