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Poison the Airwaves [2010] - Toxic Zombie

Poison the Airwaves [2010]
Available: Now
Label: Cheezy Flicks
Artist:Toxic Zombie

Band website:

Grimm Dizaster - lead vocals, guitar
Sam "Damn" Dietz - lead guitar
Bryan "SMASH" - drums
Chad Shaver - bass
Kelly Sparks - go-go dancing, backup vocals
Dany Gray - go-go dancing, backup vocals

For More Details: [CLICK HERE]

What can I say someone mentioned zombies and I listen... so I present to you the band "Toxic Zombie" and their release "Poison the Airwaves". What can I say about them... they are cool and offer you a Jekyll meets Hyde in messed up make up....

There is a video that you can see, but this is a family show... so I recommend you click for more details.
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]


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