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Starz: Magic City [2012]

Starz: Magic City [2012]
Available: Digital Released 04/17/12
Released By: Silva Screen Music

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Set in Miami's Miramar Playa Hotel leading into the new year of 1959, hotelier Ike Evans (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) conjures up ways to finance his dream. He has essentially sold his soul to the devil, mob boss Ben "The Butcher" Diamond (Danny Huston). Ike's wife Vera (Olga Kurylenko), a former showgirl, and his three children think he is an honorable man, but he just can't break his pact with the most dangerous criminal in town. His life is a facade.


01. Bo Diddley - "I'm a Man”
02. Patti Austin - "Tenderly"
03. Frankie Avalon - "Venus"
04. The Diamonds - "The Stroll"
05. Tito Puente - “Mambo Gallego”
06. Albert King - “Drowning On Dry Land”
07. Johnny Otis - "Willie and The Hand Jive"
08. Julie London - “Chances Are”
09. Beny More - "Mi Chiquita Quiere Guarachar"
10. Lee Morgan - “The Sidewinder”
11. Ray Charles - "Moon over Miami" 

Classic, Classic, Classic Remastered Classics! You will dig it, I have listened to it several times... not much more than to tell you that it is a sweet touch to the Starz Series.
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]


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