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Dark Horse Comics: New Releases [January 08, 2014]

Dark Horse Comics: New Releases
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Abe Sapien #9 <--- The Mignolaverse is running full speed ahead!
Halo: Escalation #2 <--- Halo is ongoing! Get into it!
Shaolin Cowboy #4 <--- You're all going WTF, WTF, but you know this is one ballsy book!
Star Wars #13 <--- Brian Wood's Star Wars continues to rock!

Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom Archives Volume 2 TPB <--- Go Doctor Solar!
Halo: Initiation HC <--- Our first 3 issue Halo series, collected!
Star Wars Omnibus: Adventures TPB <--- All your Star Wars Adventures omnibized!
Trigun Maximum Omnibus Volume 2 TPB <--- Fantastic Manga, now on the 2nd omnibus!

Jeremy [HWR:OLM]

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