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Vampyres [2014]... Update!

A new independent vampire film is in the making in Austin, Texas to quell the appetite for a return to the terrifying threat that the Vampire used to impose in folklore. Miguel Coronado III, Josephine McAdam, J.R. Zambrano and more  (spfx artists, illustrators, actors, and writers) have teamed up after working for years in the Austin film industry to create the high quality independent film that is driven by story and also serves a market which has been seeking a return to the classic Vampire.

The story follows Violet, an orphan who has been plagued by hallucinations her entire life. After accepting that she has been psychologically unstable, she discovers that a homeless man witnesses the same hallucinations as she. Seeking an answer to her troubling adolescence she chases him down to convince him to help her better understand what is happening to her, but when he reveals the meaning of her hallucinations to her, she finds herself dragged into a dark and horrifying world. But why Violet? Why this man?

We'll be sharing more about "Vampyres" on February 8th, with the release of our teaser and launch of our crowd-funding initiative and a more comprehensive post about what has driven us to create this story and our personal backgrounds/interests in the genre. Until then, more information and concept art can be seen on our facebook page:

Jeremy [HWR:OLM]

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