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Judgehydrogen... New Art, it will SHAKE YOUR EYE!

"My art is inspired by apocalyptic myths. I believe they are self-fulfilling prophecies. Many deceive themselves into believing that an apocalypse is a supernatural event but it is not. My artworks are the amalgamation of these myths and the violence we inflict upon the earth and ourselves. I believe we must reassess our place in nature if we are to survive. We are sadists and masochists that cut deeply into our own skin and look to the sky for redemption from an imaginary deity.  My newest works “Above The Abyssmal” and “Projected Catharsis” were forged with these concepts." -Judgehydrogen

Friend Judgehydrogen has stopped by to share some more of his work, we welcome the style and the chance to  step inside his head!
Jeremy [HWR:OLM]

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